Adding Users Yourself - Group Import

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Adding people to your ListBaby list can be done two ways:

  • - One at a time
  • - Group import

In this tutorial, we'll talk about importing a larger number of folks at one time.

To begin the process, log in at: (replacing with your actual domain)
For Wizard users, click the "ListBaby" icon in the upper navigation bar.
For Non-Wizard users, click the "Manage your Mailing List" link in the lower left-hand box.

Once inside the ListBaby interface, click on "Your List"


Click on "Add Many People"


You will need to have prepared a tab-delimited txt file, or a CSV in the format that ListBaby requires before this next step. If you're unsure about this, please see the 'preparing your list for import' tutorial. The most important bit of information in that tutorial is the order in which your information must be placed. See below for that information:


Once you have your file ready, click Browse:


This will open up a little window to your computer that you can use to navigate to the aforementioned file. Highlight and click Open (or OK, depending on your operating system.)


Clicking Save or OK will then populate the browse box with the path to the file on your computer. Click Upload once this is done.


The file will upload, and you will be taken to the next page that will show you the results of your import:


If everything looks OK, then click the "Click here to import it" link, which will save the information to your ListBaby database and populate your list with the new additions.


And that's that! Your list is now ready to receive email. :)