Adding Users Yourself - One at a time

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Adding people to your ListBaby list can be done two ways:

  • - One at a time
  • - Group import

In this tutorial, we'll talk about adding just one person.

To begin the process, log in at: (replacing with your actual domain)
For Wizard users, click the "ListBaby" icon in the upper navigation bar.
For Non-Wizard users, click the "Manage your Mailing List" link in the lower left-hand box.

Once inside the ListBaby interface, click on "Your List"


Click on "Add One Person"


Enter in all the information you have and click the 'Add this person' button. The more detailed you are in entering your users, the more powerful ListBaby can be. You can chose to send an email only to people named Stacy who live in Oregon if you wish. ;)


After you click on "Add this person" you will be forwarded to a page like the one shown below, which will let you know you were successful and offer you the opportunity to add another user if you wish.


NOTE: Adding people to your list without their expressed consent is genuinely illegal, and punishable by large fines. Do not add users to your ListBaby yourself unless they have asked you, directly, to do so. Folks who have sent you email randomly are not consenting to be added to your mailing list. Folks who have signed your guestbook are not consenting to be added to your mailing list. Folks who have commented on your blog are not consenting to be on your mailing list. Only those who say "I want to be on your mailing list" are consenting to be on your mailing list. ;)