DNS change Checklist

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Some of our new Hostbaby customers already have a domain name, or even a website up and running before joining us. This article is mainly directed at people that are considering Hostbaby for web hosting, but already have Email and a website up and running. We can definitely help new customers get set up over here, but there are a few things you should make sure gets set up before you make a move!

  • Make sure you have all of your website contents from your previous host! As soon as you change your DNS, your access to your old site's contents is likely cut off. It's a great idea to have all of your content handy on your computer before you pull the plug with your old host!
  • Back up any Emails and contacts you have with your old host. There is often a way to export your Email contacts from whatever Email client your previous host gave you. Again, changing your DNS likely cuts off your access to any exisitng Email accounts you previously had.
  • Re-create any mailboxes you previously had. At Hostbaby, you can create as many Email accounts under your domain as you like. If you previously had "mymail@mydomain.com", you'll need to recreate that same mailbox here with Hostbaby to continue receiving mail at that address. Here's how to create Email accounts with Hostbaby: Click here!
  • Make sure your domain registration is up to date! Whenever you change hosts or registrars, it's always good practice to make sure that your Admin contact on your domain registration is up to date.