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Once you have a song on your music page, you may wish to go in and change its options, or delete it entirely. To do so is pretty straight-forward.

First, go to your Music page, and you'll see your songs listed there:


Click on the song's title to be taken to its internal options page. To change its title, update your artist info, add lyrics or delete the song entirely, you'll do so from the "Edit Info" link:


On that screen, you will see the option to Change your song's title, artist info and lyrics. Alternately, you can click the Delete button to remove the song entirely.


Changing the song's audio presentation (for example, to make a song downloadable vs. playing short clips, or vice-versa) you will choose the "Choose Audio Presentation" link:


Here's where it gets tricky. If you wish to completely change the source of a song, you can do that from the "upload new audio master" section.


HOWEVER, there is a specific protocol to follow to make this work.

The easiest way to do this is to simply delete the existing entry and make a new one, so you can skip the steps above. :)

But if you don't wish to do that, you must follow these steps:

FIRST -- Go into your "Choose Audio Presentation" section and *UNCHECK* all possible options, and click save.
NEXT -- PUBLISH your site. This *deletes* the original audio master on the server. If you skip this part, the new audio master will not overwrite the old one, and the new clips will be created from the same audio master.
NEXT -- go back to your music page, click on the song's title, click "upload new audio master" and follow the instructions in our last tutorial to upload the new song to the server.
LAST -- go back to your "Choose Audio Presentation" section and *RE-CHECK" the listening options you like, save, and then RE-PUBLISH your site. :)

We know it's complicated, and we're working on a better system. :)