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When picking out a domain name, you’ll need to make sure it’s available first! Only one person can own a domain name at a time. You might think of a domain name like a telephone number for websites: there is one number for one person.

Keep in mind that domain names have some rules:

  • No Special Characters allowed: only hyphens (”-”) are allowed
  • No extra punctuation: sorry no periods besides the ‘dot’ in the extension)
  • Need domain extension (.com, .org, .net, etc)

To see if one is available, you’ll need to perform what’s called a whois search. To check this out, you can use this nifty whois search tool: All you need to do is enter a domain name, and click Lookup. Keep in mind that a domain name does NOT include www or http. As an example, OUR domain name is; that’s it!

When searching for domains, you’ll get two types of results:

  1. No domains found., Unknown/available: Meaning it is not recognized as a domain that is taken, and that it’s available. Search results will vary for different types of domains you look into (.org, .net, .com), but the message itself is pretty clear if it is not taken.
  2. Showing Results For...: Meaning it is taken by someone else already. You’ll know a domain name is unavailable if you get a listing showing the domain contact information, who owns the domain, where it’s pointed, etc. So if you see someone’s name here, it’s not available.

Additional information and suggestions about selecting a domain name are found in this Hostbaby blog article

IMPORTANT: Once you find an available domain, go back to the sign up page or otherwise let us know if you'd like us to register it for you