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A standard/export account with HostBaby allows you to upload and host a website of your own design. If you do not have a pre-built site and at least some HTML knowledge, we recommend using our Wizard system.

In order to use a standard/expert account you will need an FTP program to access your files.

In order to use a standard/expert account, you will need to know HTML or have an HTML editor to help you.

Your control panel is located at http://www.yourdomain.com/hostbaby/ from here you can create/edit email accounts, manage your email list, manage FTP users, and use the hostbaby news, calendar, and guestbook tools.

Please email us if you need a custom MySQL database and we'll set it up and send you the details (there's no extra charge for this). We also offer raw access to your database via phpMyAdmin.

(And Yes! We definitely support Wordpress)

Standalone Tools

Calendar Tips


Just ask and we'll install it for you!


Need help configuring iWeb? Look no further!