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Hostbaby Specific terms

  • Theme Editor - The tool used to adjust the appearance of the theme in use. Read more about this tool HERE
  • Wizard - Name of the OLD site builder. Read documentation for the "wizard" HERE
  • Site Builder/Dashboard - Name of the new site builder, where users enter content into their website. Instructions on how to use the new Site Builder HERE
  • Full Account/Developer Account - Developer account, FTP access, etc. Read more about this account type HERE
  • Member's section - Referring to logging into

Webhost Specific Terms

  • Domain name - Name of website (excluding www), requires a domain extension
  • Domain extension - .com, .net, .org, etc. Notates type of domain this is.
  • Registrar - Company that handles your domain registration
  • Domain Registration - Temporary ownership of a domain name; needs to be renewed regularly to continue using/owning a domain name.
  • Web Host - Company that houses the files that make up your website, and provides services to make site available online.
  • Web Browser - The program you use to browse the internet. Common ones would be Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome