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Guestbook moderation will send you an email everytime someone writes on your Guestbook. You then can approve or disapprove the entry.

Let's go to the Settings icon in your Wizard account (looks like a silver cog).


Click to turn Guestbook Moderation ON, and you will see the option to enter in an email address:


The form will already be filled out for you, but you don't *have* to use the email address the guestbook form suggests. Type in whatever email address you like, and then click 'change email address.'

Now, any time anyone fills out your guestbook form, the results will be emailed to you at that address, and you will have the option to approve, edit or delete the entry before it goes live on your site. No more surprises!

If you'd like to turn guestbook moderation off at any point, simply log back into your settings page, and "click to turn it off"


And that's that!