How to put a sign-up box on your site

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This article explains how you can add a Listbaby sign-up box on your Hostbaby full site.

Inserting the little sign-up box

Put the following line of code in your HTML code where you want the little sign-up box to appear on your web page:

<?php require "hostbaby"; list_signup(); ?>

It's smart. It will do all of the work and logic for you, meaning: it won't let people sign up twice. It won't let them enter an invalid email address. It will thank them after they sign up. Try it out. You'll see. The big signup box:

Inserting the big sign-up box

Put following line of code where you want the BIG form to appear on your web page:

<?php require "hostbaby"; list_form(); ?>

The big form is where it asks people for more than just their email. Name, address, website, etc.