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ListBaby is a powerful mailing list tool that allows you to send HTML or plain-text emails to your subscribers. And the best part is, we never limit the number of folks you can email, or the number of times you can email them. We know how important keeping up with your fanbase is, and we want to help you make that happen!

Adding New Users

Import your existing list, or start fresh and use our easy built-in subscribe form to collect new addresses for ListBaby, our HTML Email List Manager! There's no limit on the number of folks you can have on your list, or the number of times you can email them. It's a great way to keep in touch with your fanbase!

All Wizard sites come with a built-in subscribe form for your ListBaby list so you don't have to worry about doing the work to integrate it:


If you are bringing your existing site over, putting a ListBaby Subscribe form into your website is as easy as cutting and pasting a couple of lines of PHP code. We give you the code, you drop it into your site, and it works. Easy as that!

Easy Import of Existing Lists

Have a mailing list already? Moving it over is very simple. Just switch a few tables around in Excel or Notepad and upload, or send the file to us and we'll do it for you!

If you have more than just email addresses, here's the order that each field will be populated when it is imported.

Email, Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone, Url, Keywords, Notes

So your .txt or .csv (comma seperated file) should look something like this:, John Red, 234 Reddy Ln, CA, 95551, USA,, John Blue, 234 Bluish Ln, CA, 95552, USA,, John Yellow, 234 Yellow Ln, CA, 95553, USA,, John Purple, 234 Purple Ln, CA, 95554, USA,
... ...


Send HTML Emails!

Once you have your subscribers you may send them email with our HTML Newsletter tool. Whether you are an advanced HTML coder or don't know any at all, you can use ListBaby to make your email stand out against the rest! Drop in images, links, or build yourself a beautiful email template!


Easy Grouping of Members!

Rather than having fully separate lists with multiple folks in multiple lists (which gets hard to manage!) we give you one master list and all the flexibility you need to divide them into groups by several default searchable categories (city, state, zip, country, etc.) But we do you one better by making your grouping possibilities limitless. All you need to do to make a separate list of your choosing is make sure that everyone on your list that you wish to email in that group has the same keyword. (And each person can have as many keywords as you like!)

For example, if you wanted to make a list for Press contacts, just put "Press" in the keyword section, and when you go to email them, search for "Press" and add only the folks whose names are returned with that keyword. :) It works in reverse, too. If you want to email everyone BUT Press, just search for Press, and check the "Reverse Search" checkbox.