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This is a common resource we direct our users to use when they're looking for links to their favorite social networks. This is a pretty simple online link-making tool which will help you set up links to your favorite social networks in no time.

The first step is to visit to select your buttons.


You're presented with a selection of Button Sets, and Single Buttons. In this example, we'll be using the first set of buttons this site provides.


Now, set the URL for each of the icons you want to make links out of. We'll just use the top 4 on the list, and link directly to their main sites; you'll want to link to YOUR specific facebook/twitter/etc page.

Hit the Submit button at the bottom, and you'll get a new page with the HTML code needed to render those buttons.


Highlight and copy all of that code; we'll want to paste this somewhere on your site!

Pasting Into a Page

To paste a link like this into a page, like your home page, you'll want to:

  • Log into your Site builder
  • Click on Manage Pages
  • Click Edit under the page you want to use; we'll use the Home page in this example
  • Click on the HTML button to open the HTML Source Editor


  • Paste in your code in the new window that appears, and click on Update


  • You should see your buttons render into the preview, which will then show up on your site when published.

Pasting Into a Widget

To paste a link like this into a widget, you'll want to:

  • Log into your Site builder
  • Click on Widgets
  • Make use of a Code Widget


  • Paste in your widget code here, insert a title, and save!
  • The buttons won't render in this preview, but they will show up on your site within the widget