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Sending to a select group of people in ListBaby

After composing your email, instead of clicking "add your entire list", click the "search" link. You will have the option to search your list based on all the different criteria. If you only have people's email addresses and names, you can just hit the Search button with all blank fields and it'll show you everyone on your list, and then you can select the individual people you want to send to.

An alternative is to add a keyword to all the addresses you want to send to, so they are easily search-able by keyword.

For example, you could go to "Your List" and add the keyword "Santa Cruz" to all the people on your list from Santa Cruz.

More specifically, to add only a few people you should go to:

  • search
  • click the search button to submit the form (with no fields filled out)
  • if you see a "see them all" link, click it
  • check the checkbox next to the people you want to send to
  • hit "add" button at the bottom

And that's it.. now you just pick the mail you want to send to them and it should only send to those few specific people you picked.