Using Listbaby for the First Time

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Using Listbaby for the first time.

First, fill out your name and e-mail address. This will be what people see when they receive an e-mail from your Listbaby. When you hit "ok" you'll be taken to the next screen and the E-mails will be "From" section will fill in for you.

You can click the "back to your /hostbaby or /hostbaby2 admin link at any time to return to your site editing tools.


To add new people to your list, click "your list".


For now, you can test this out by adding yourself or one of your fans. Just click "add one person".


Enter the name and address. You can also use the "keywords" field to put the person into a category that you can search for later. For example, if you want to send one e-mail to your fans, you can search for all the people on your list with "fans" as the keyword. You can also add "press", for example, and do the same with sending an e-mail to all the press contacts on your list. (to add an e-mail list, click here


Now that you have an e-mail address in your address book, you can send out a new e-mail! Just click "Write Email" at the top of the Listbaby screen and then click "Write a new e-mail."


1. Give the e-mail a title. Stay away from Spam terms like "Sale" or "Cheap". Use something personal. It's good to include your artist name as well. For example, you could use "Welcome to The Puppy Band Newsletter".

2. Use the tools to the right to insert the first name, name, etc into the beginning of the e-mail. This pulls information from your address book. So, if you don't have a first name listed for anyone, don't use it.

3. Write the e-mail. Use the toggle editor's tools to insert pictures, colored text and links. (View the toggle editor help page here

Click "SAVE CHANGES AND PREVIEW" to see the e-mail.


Click "edit this e-mail" to make any changes. If you're happy with this first e-mail, click "pick who to send it to."


Click "add your whole list". You'd use the search function if you wanted to search by keywords, state, etc.


Next, choose the most recent e-mail to add to your mail queue. All your e-mails will be stored under "Write E-mail" so that you can send them again to new subscribers later or to use as a reference. If you wanted to send an old mail, you'd choose "Done? Choose what e-mail to send them".


Click "send the e-mails waiting in your queue".


You can then test and/or send the e-mail out.


On the next screen, you'll see the e-mails that went out.

NOTE: when your list gets bigger, each time you send out an e-mail using Listbaby, make sure to leave the window open until it loads all the e-mail addresses. That way, all the e-mails will send out.


The e-mail will come from you and be mailed to the recipient. There's no Bcc or CC here using Listbaby. Here's what the recipient will see:


That's it!

Now, the last section to look at is the Info & Help Section. Inside, you'll find some goodies such as: - "Change your settings" where you can customize your mailing list and more. - "View a history of sent emails" which is great for checking when an e-mail went out and who you sent it to.


If you get stuck anywhere or need help over the phone, do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-448-6369.